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Difference between pro and free versions


Free Version

Pro Version

Core Functionality

Rename uploaded files

Rename uploaded files, update permalinks, edit filenames/permalinks manually, bulk update existing media

SEO Optimization

Remove accents/special characters

Remove accents/special characters, auto-populate Alt tags and metadata, update Alt tags on filename changes/new uploads

Advanced Features

Basic renaming rules

Extensive rule options (custom fields, taxonomy rules, JPEG to JPG conversion), schedule automatic filename updates, control renaming by user role/post type

Compatibility & Integrations

May have compatibility issues

Dedicated compatibility features for BuddyBoss, Gravity Forms, WPForms, address potential upload issues

Fine-Tuning Control

Basic filtering options

Extensive filtering options (ignore files without extensions, specific extensions/filenames, exclude by tags)


Rename Media Files on Upload for WordPress