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Advanced Options for Maximum Products per User

The “Maximum Products per User” plugin for WooCommerce offers a variety of advanced settings to customize its behavior and cater to specific needs within your store.

Time Settings

  • Time Function: Choose how purchase limits are calculated in relation to time.
  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): This ensures consistent calculations regardless of the user’s location.
  • Local (WordPress) time: Purchase limits are based on the WordPress server’s time zone.
  • Time Offset: Define a custom time offset (e.g., +2 hours, -2 hours) to adjust how purchase limits consider time zones.
  • Current Time Offset: Use this option to automatically apply the server’s current time zone offset to calculations.

Excluding Products

  • This allows you to specify products that should be excluded from purchase limit calculations. You can search for products by name or ID.

Important Note

Recalculating sales data is necessary after modifying the “Exclude products” option.

Duplicate Product

  • Enable: This option ensures that the plugin’s product meta data (relevant to purchase limits) is copied when a product is duplicated within your store.

Lifetime from Totals

  • Enable: This can potentially speed up calculations for lifetime purchase limits but with some trade-offs.


  • This option is only relevant if “Lifetime” is selected for the date range in the “General” settings.
  • Enabling it disables functionalities like “Count by current payment method.”

Background Processing

  • Minimum amount: This defines the minimum order amount required to trigger background processing for purchase limit checks. Orders below this amount will use standard processing.
  • Send email: This option allows you to receive an email notification when background processing for purchase limits is complete.
  • Email to: Specify the email address where notifications will be sent.

Orders Above Limits

  • Allow users to place orders exceeding limits: This enables users to checkout even if they surpass purchase limits. However, limit notices won’t be displayed as errors.
  • Order status: Define the order status applied to newly placed orders that exceed purchase limits (only relevant if “Allow users to place orders exceeding limits” is enabled).

By understanding and configuring these advanced options, you can tailor the “Maximum Products per User” plugin to fit your store’s specific needs and create a balanced purchase limit system for your customers.


Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce