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Frontend Options for Maximum Products per User

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The “Maximum Products per User” plugin provides various settings to customize how purchase limits are displayed and enforced on your WooCommerce storefront.

Message Placeholders

The plugin offers a range of message placeholders you can use to create informative messages for your customers.

These placeholders include

  • %limit%: The maximum purchase limit for the product or user.
  • %bought%: The number of units the user has already purchased.
  • %remaining%: The remaining quantity the user can still purchase.
  • %in_cart%: The number of units currently in the user’s cart.
  • And more! (See the full list in the article)

Frontend Options Breakdown

  • Validate on add to cart: This option determines when purchase limit checks are performed. Enabling it prevents users from adding products to their cart if they exceed the limit.
  • Cart notice: Choose how to display limit information in the cart.
  • Disable: No message is displayed.
  • Enable (as text): A customizable text message is shown.
  • Multiple notices: This displays separate notices for each product exceeding the limit in the cart.
  • Block checkout page: Prevent users from reaching checkout if they exceed limits. They’ll be redirected to their cart.
  • Product limit message: Add messages displaying current product limits on the single product page. Choose from displaying it in the product summary or description.

Customization Options

  • Cart notice type: Select the message type (notice, error, or success) for cart limit messages.
  • Customer message: Customize the message content displayed to users exceeding limits. You can use shortcodes like [alg_wc_mppu_customer_msg] to dynamically insert relevant information.
  • Message content condition: Set specific conditions (e.g., %remaining% == 0) to trigger different messages based on remaining purchase quantities.
  • Variations: Control whether limit messages are displayed for product variations.

My Account Tab

  • Enable tab: Add a dedicated tab to the user’s “My Account” page, displaying their current purchase limits.
  • Tab customization: Configure the tab’s ID, title, icon (using Font Awesome codes), and content. This content can utilize shortcodes like [alg_wc_mppu_user_product_limits] to show the user’s limits for specific products and [alg_wc_mppu_user_terms_limits] for limits based on product categories or tags.

By effectively utilizing these frontend options, you can create a clear and user-friendly experience for your customers while enforcing purchase limits in your WooCommerce store.



Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce