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Handling Guest Users with Maximum Products per User

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The “Maximum Products per User” plugin also provides options for managing guest users (those who don’t log in to your WooCommerce store).

Here’s a breakdown of these options

Guest User Tracking

  • Do nothing: This option doesn’t track guest purchases, essentially allowing them to bypass purchase limits.
  • Do nothing but block guests beyond limits: Guest purchases aren’t tracked, but they’re prevented from exceeding the set limits (if any limits are defined).
  • Block guests from buying products: This completely restricts guest users from purchasing any products.
  • Identify guests by IP address/checkout billing email: These methods track guest purchases for limit calculations. However, identifying by email only works at checkout.

Important Note 

The “Block method,” “Block message,” “Add to cart text,” “Add to cart redirect,” and “Hide products” options only become relevant when you choose to “Block guests from buying products.”

Blocking Guest Purchases

  • Block method: Choose how to handle blocked products.
  • All Products: All products are blocked from guest purchases.
  • According to limit options: Products are blocked only if the guest would exceed the set limit for that product.
  • Block message: Customize the message displayed to guests when they try to add a blocked product to their cart.
  • Add to cart text: Change the text on the “Add to Cart” button for blocked products and variations.
  • Add to cart redirect: Redirect guests to a specific URL when they click “Add to Cart” on a blocked product.
  • Hide products: Hide blocked products from guest users in the catalog and search results (products remain accessible via direct links).

By configuring these guest user options, you can establish clear guidelines for how non-logged-in users interact with your store’s purchase limits.


Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce