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Taking Control: Managing Product Limits for Your WooCommerce Store

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This article dives into the “Maximum Products per User” feature for WooCommerce, empowering you to manage how much your customers can purchase.

Keeping it Fair

This feature ensures a fair shopping experience for everyone, especially with limited edition or high-demand items. By setting limits, you prevent bulk buying and excessive discounts, allowing everyone a chance to snag their favorites!

General Options

  • Automatic Recalculation: The plugin automatically calculates sales data, but you can force a manual recalculation (particularly useful during initial installation).
  • Recalculate Sales Data: This tool is crucial whenever you change the “Mode” or “Order Statuses” options.

Setting Limits

  • Enable Plugin: Activate this feature to control purchase quantities.
  • Limit Type: Choose between a lifetime limit or a limit within a specific date range.
  • Mode: Define how the limit is calculated: by product quantities, orders, product prices (including or excluding tax), product weights, or volumes.
  • Order Statuses: Select which order statuses are considered for calculating purchase history (e.g., completed orders, processing orders).
  • Payment Gateways: Restrict purchases based on specific payment methods (e.g., direct bank transfer).

Frontend Behavior

  • Quantity Input: Set a maximum value for the product quantity field based on the user’s remaining limit.
  • Add to Cart Button: Disable the button if the user has reached their limit for that product.
  • Variations: Include product variations in limit calculations for “All products” and “Per product” settings.
  • Hide Products: Hide products from the catalog and search when the limit has been reached for the current user (products remain accessible through direct links).

Advanced Options

  • User Roles: Assign different purchase limits for various user roles (e.g., administrators, customers).
  • Count by Payment Method: Track purchases only for the currently chosen payment method. This might require disabling the “Validate on add to cart” and “Block checkout page” options in the “Frontend” section.

By implementing the “Maximum Products per User” feature, you can create a balanced shopping experience for everyone in your WooCommerce store!


Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce