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Recalculating and Managing Sales Data

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The “Maximum Products per User” plugin for WooCommerce provides vital tools for managing your store’s sales data used to enforce purchase limits. This section delves into these tools and their functionalities.

Recalculating Sales Data

There are three main functionalities offered

  • Recalculate Sales Data: This option reanalyzes your store’s order history to ensure the sales data used for purchase limits is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Delete & Recalculate Sales Data: This not only recalculates the data but also deletes the existing data before recalculating. Use this with caution as there’s no way to undo this action.
  • Delete Sales Data: This permanently removes all sales data associated with purchase limits. Use this option with extreme caution as it will disrupt the plugin’s functionality.

Important Note

Before using any of these tools, make sure to back up your store’s data.

Advanced Recalculation Options

These options are intended for advanced users and should be left at their default settings unless you have a specific reason to modify them.

  • Orders date range: Choose whether to recalculate data for all orders or only those within the date range specified in the plugin’s “General” settings.
  • Query block size: This defines the number of orders processed in each batch during recalculation.
  • Time limit (seconds): Set a maximum time limit (in seconds) for each batch processing during recalculation.
  • Loop function: Select the method used to retrieve orders for recalculation. Choose between the default WordPress method or a WooCommerce-specific method.
  • Enable Debug: This activates debug mode, which can be helpful for troubleshooting any issues during recalculation.

Sales Deletion Options

  • Delete sales using Async request: This attempts to speed up the deletion process by running it in the background. However, this might not be compatible with all hosting environments.

By understanding these options, you can effectively manage your sales data, ensuring the accuracy of purchase limits and maintaining a smooth user experience in your WooCommerce store.


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