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Setting Product-Specific Limits

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The “Maximum Products per User” for WooCommerce allows you to define purchase limits not just globally but also for specific products or product categories. This grants you granular control over how much users can buy.

Levels of Limits

The plugin offers three levels at which you can define limits

  • All Products: This applies a single limit to all products in your store.
  • Per Product Taxonomy: You can set limits based on product categories or tags.
  • Per Product: This allows you to define unique limits for each individual product.

Enabling Limits

  • All Products: This is enabled by default. You can adjust the “Limit per user” field to set the maximum quantity a user can purchase for all products combined.

Per Product Taxonomy

  • Per product tag: Enable this option to add a new meta box to each product tag’s edit page. Here, you can define a specific purchase limit for products with that particular tag.
  • Per product category: Similarly, enable this option to add a meta box to each product category’s edit page. This allows you to set limits for all products within that category.
  • Per Product: Enable this option to add a meta box to each individual product’s edit page. This grants you the most control, allowing you to set unique purchase limits for each product in your store.

Choosing the Right Level

The level you choose depends on your store’s needs. If you have a general limit you want to apply to most products, “All Products” is sufficient. But if you have special offers or limited-edition items, setting limits by category, tag, or even individual product provides more flexibility.

By effectively utilizing product-specific limits, you can create targeted promotions, manage high-demand items, and cater to diverse customer needs within your WooCommerce store.


Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce