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Price Issues with the Maximum Products per User

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You’ve implemented the [alg_wc_mppu] shortcode from the Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce plugin, but the product price displays as zero on your store.. This can be frustrating, but there are several reasons why this might occur. Let’s explore some potential causes and solutions to get your product prices back on track.

Understanding the Shortcode

The [alg_wc_mppu] shortcode offers a powerful way to set purchase limitations within your WooCommerce store. However, it doesn’t directly influence product pricing. Its prima 

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This innovative feature within the plugin introduces an alternative approach for setting purchase restrictions. It leverages shortcodes to establish intricate rules based on various criteria.

Understanding Shortcodes

The plugin utilizes shortcodes to define limitations. Each line within the “Limits by Formula” section requires a separate shortcode. The algorithm processes these shortcodes sequentially, applying the first matching rule it encounters.

Available Shortcode Attributes

These attributes provide granular control over the limitations you set

  • user_id: Specify user IDs to target specific customers.
  • user_role: Define limits based on user roles (e.g., administrator, customer).
  • membership_plan, memberpress_plan_id, sumo_membership_plan, swpm_membership_id: Establish limits applicable to users with specific membership plans (requires compatible membership plugins).
  • payment_method: Set limits based on the chosen payment method (requires enabling “Count by current payment method”).
  • product_id, product_sku, is_downloadable, is_virtual: Define limits for specific products or product types (requires enabling “Per product” checkbox).
  • term_id: Set limits for products belonging to specific categories or tags (requires enabling “Per product category” or “Per product tag” checkbox).

Important Considerations

  • Combining product_id (or related attributes) and term_id within the same shortcode is not permitted.
  • Utilize the start_dateend_date, and not_date_limit attributes to specify the timeframe during which the shortcode remains active.
  • The product_limit_meta attribute can only be employed with product_id.


Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce