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Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce

If you’re encountering issues with the Maximum Products per User plugin, here are some steps to diagnose and fix the problem.

1. Check Configuration

  • Verify Settings: Double-check that the plugin is enabled and configured correctly. Ensure you’ve set the desired maximum product quantity and any timeframes you want to apply.
  • Global vs. Individual Limits: Make sure you’re setting limits in the right place. If you want a limit for all products, use the global setting. For specific products, configure limits on their individual product pages.
  • User Role Exclusions: Have you accidentally excluded specific user roles (like administrators) from the limits?

2. Plugin Conflicts

  • Deactivate Other Plugins: Temporarily deactivate other plugins to see if a conflict is causing the issue. Reactivate them one by one to identify the culprit.
  • Theme Compatibility: Ensure your WordPress theme is compatible with the plugin. Check the plugin documentation for any known compatibility issues.

3. Version and Updates

  • Outdated Plugin: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Maximum Products per User plugin. Outdated versions might have bugs that have been fixed in newer releases. Update the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
  • WooCommerce Compatibility: Verify that the plugin version is compatible with your current WooCommerce version.

4. User-Specific Issues

  • User Cache: If a user is encountering issues exceeding the product limit, try clearing their browser cache and cookies. This might resolve a cached version of the cart causing problems.
  • User Role Permissions: Confirm that the user’s role isn’t exempt from the product limit accidentally.

5. Additional Resources

  • Plugin Support: If you’re using the standalone plugin, check the plugin’s support forum or contact the developer for assistance.
  • WooCommerce Support: The WooCommerce documentation and forums might also have solutions related to order limits and functionality.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and fix most common issues with the Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce plugin. If you’re still having trouble, consider reaching out to the plugin developer or the WooCommerce community for further assistance.


Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce