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Troubleshooting MSRP (RRP) Pricing for WooCommerce

you’re using the MSRP (RRP) Pricing for the WooCommerce plugin, let’s address some common troubleshooting issues you might encounter.

1. MSRP Not Displaying

  • Check Configuration: Ensure the plugin is activated and configured correctly. Verify if the conditional display is enabled and if it conflicts with your desired display settings.
  • Product Edit Screen: Double-check that you’ve entered the MSRP value for the specific product on the product edit screen.
  • Theme Compatibility: Some themes might have styling conflicts with the plugin’s way of displaying MSRP. Try temporarily switching to the default WooCommerce theme (Storefront) to see if the issue persists.

2. Incorrect MSRP Display

  • Formatting Issues: Review the plugin’s settings for MSRP formatting options (e.g., currency symbol, decimal places).
  • Text Customization: If you’ve customized the MSRP text (e.g., “Was: “), ensure there are no typos or errors in your custom text.

3. Issues with Bulk Editing

  • Plugin Update: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the plugin. Outdated versions might have bugs related to bulk editing.
  • Plugin Conflicts: If you’re using other WooCommerce plugins, temporarily deactivate them to see if a conflict is causing the bulk editing issue.

4. General Troubleshooting

  • Clear Cache: Clear your browser cache and website cache to ensure you’re seeing the latest version of your product pages.
  • WooCommerce and WordPress Updates: Ensure you’re using the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress for optimal plugin compatibility.
  • Plugin Support: If none of the above solutions work, refer to the plugin documentation or reach out to the plugin developer’s support for further assistance.


MSRP (RRP) Pricing for WooCommerce