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Setting Minimum Quantities by Product, Category, or Tag

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The Order “Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce plugin” allows you to establish minimum quantity requirements on a more granular level, targeting specific products, product categories, or product tags. This functionality offers greater flexibility in managing order requirements within your store.


  • Enforce specific minimums for high-demand products: Set higher minimum quantities for popular items to manage inventory effectively.
  • Encourage larger purchases for specific categories: Implement minimum quantities for entire product categories, potentially boosting average order value.
  • Promote bundled products: Use minimum quantities on product tags associated with bundled products to encourage customers to purchase the entire bundle.

Enabling Product-Specific Options

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  • Click on theOrder Min/Max Amount” tab.
  • Find the Products sub-tab.

Configuring Minimum Quantities

Per product

  • Enable: Check this box to enable setting minimum quantities on individual product edit pages.
  • List variations: Includ variable product variations in the minimum quantity options for each product.

Per product category

  • Enable: Activate this option to set minimum quantities for entire product categories through their edit pages.
  • Per product tag:
  • Enable: This allows you to set minimum quantities for specific product tags, potentially promoting bundled products.


  • Save your changes after enabling the desired options.
  • You can access the product edit pages or relevant category/tag edit pages to set specific minimum quantities.
  • Customize messages displayed to users regarding “minimum quantity requirements” for a more informative shopping experience.

By leveraging product-specific minimum quantities, you can tailor your store’s order requirements to different product groups and potentially optimize inventory management, sales strategies, and overall customer experience.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce