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How to Set Up the Login Requirement

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The “Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce” plugin provides an option to require customers to be logged in before they can view and comply with the minimum or maximum order requirements. This feature can be particularly useful for stores that want to offer exclusive pricing or ordering capabilities to registered users.

 Steps to Enable the Login Requirement

Installation: Ensure you have installed the “Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce” plugin from the WordPress plugin directory.

Navigation: Go to your WordPress Dashboard, hover over the ‘WooCommerce’ tab, and click on ‘Settings’.

Accessing the Plugin Settings: Inside the WooCommerce settings, you will find several tabs at the top. Navigate to the ‘Order Min/Max Amount’ tab.

Login Requirement: Once you are in the ‘Order Min/Max Amount’ section, look for the ‘Login Requirement’ checkbox. You can enable the login requirement by checking this box.

Setting Notices: In the ‘Notice’ field, you can enter the message that will be displayed to users. For example: “Please login to access the min/max requirements for your order.”

Notice Type: Select the type of notice you want to display from the ‘Notice type’ dropdown. You can choose ‘Error’ if you want the message to be displayed as an error prompt to the customers.

Display Conditions: You can further refine when the login requirement notice is displayed by setting conditions. These conditions can be based on whether the user is viewing the shop, product category, product tag, specific product, cart, checkout, account page, or a specific WooCommerce endpoint URL.

Save Changes: After configuring the settings, make sure to save your changes by clicking the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of the page.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce