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Setting Minimum Quantities by User Role

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The Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce plugin allows you to establish minimum quantity requirements based on user roles, adding an extra layer of control to your store’s order management. This functionality can be beneficial for various scenarios

  • Wholesale pricing: Offer lower minimum quantities for wholesale users, encouraging larger purchases at discounted rates.
  • Membership benefits: Reward premium members with lower minimum order requirements compared to standard customers.
  • Special promotions: Create targeted promotions with minimum quantity requirements specific to certain user groups.

Enabling User Role-Based Minimum Quantities

    • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
    • Go to WooCommerce > Settings.
    • Click on the Order Min/Max Amount” tab.
    • Find the User Roles” sub-tab.
    • Enable section: Check the box to activate user role-based minimum quantities.

Configuring Minimum Quantities

  • Get user roles method: Choose how the plugin determines user roles
      • Editable roles: Only roles you enable in the settings will be considered.
      • All roles: All user roles in your WooCommerce store will be included.
      • Enabled user roles: Select the specific user roles for which you want to set minimum quantities.
      • Min quantity: For each enabled user role, enter the desired minimum quantity they must meet for their orders.

Advanced Options

        • Priority: This sets the order in which minimum/maximum amounts are applied. Lower priority values are applied first.


        • Setting a minimum quantity to 0 ignores it, and the next level’s amount applies.
        • Setting a negative value (e.g., -1) removes any minimum quantity requirement for that role.


  • Save your changes after configuring the settings.
  • You can further customize messages displayed to users regarding minimum quantity requirements.

By effectively utilizing user role-based minimum quantities, you can tailor your store’s ordering process to different customer segments, potentially boosting sales and enhancing the overall shopping experience.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce