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Bypassing Minimum/Maximum Quantities with Coupons

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The Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce plugin offers functionality to bypass minimum/maximum quantity requirements when specific coupons are applied. This feature can be valuable for:

  • Promoting specific products or categories: Offer coupons that waive minimum quantity requirements for specific products or categories, encouraging targeted purchases.
  • Rewarding loyal customers: Implement coupons that allow loyal customers to bypass minimum quantity restrictions, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Running special promotions: Utilize coupons to temporarily remove minimum quantity requirements during sales or promotional periods.

Enabling Coupon-Based Bypassing

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  • Click on the Order Min/Max Amount tab.
  • Find the Coupons sub-tab.

Configuring Coupon Bypassing

  • Enable section: Check this box to activate the ability to bypass minimum/maximum quantities with coupons.
  • Validate all coupons: Choose whether to validate all applied coupons or at least one coupon for bypassing quantity requirements.
  • Require: Specify the specific coupon codes that, when applied, will bypass minimum/maximum quantity checks.
  • Exclude: This option allows you to exclude specific coupons from bypassing quantity checks. However, the “Require” option takes precedence, meaning coupons listed in both sections will only bypass checks if they are included in the “Require” list.


  • Save your changes after configuring the settings.
  • You can specify multiple coupon codes separated by commas in the “Require” and “Exclude” fields.
  • Ensure your coupons are configured correctly to trigger the desired behavior.
  • Consider communicating this functionality to your customers through product descriptions, coupon information, or other relevant channels.

By effectively utilizing coupon-based bypassing of minimum/maximum quantities, you can create targeted promotions, reward loyal customers, and potentially boost sales and customer engagement within your WooCommerce store.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce