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Using Fees with Order Minimum/Maximum Limits

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The Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce plugin allows you to set fees associated with exceeding or not meeting minimum/maximum order requirements. This functionality can be useful for various purposes, such as:

  • Discouraging orders below a certain value: By applying a fee for orders below the minimum amount, you can nudge customers towards spending more to avoid the additional charge.
  • Encouraging larger purchases: You can set fees for exceeding the maximum order quantity, potentially deterring excessive buying and helping you manage inventory levels.
  • Implementing handling charges for small orders: If processing small orders incurs additional costs, you can set a fee to partially offset those expenses.

Here’s an overview of the “Fees” options

Fees Enable

  • This section allows you to enable or disable fees for exceeding or not meeting minimum/maximum limits.
  • When enabled, a new placeholder %fee_amount% becomes available in the messages section, allowing you to dynamically display the fee amount in messages to customers.

Cart Total Calculation

  • This setting determines whether fees are included or excluded from the cart total calculation for theSum type.
  • Include fees: If enabled, the fee amount will be added to the cart total.
  • Exclude fees: If enabled, the fee amount will not be factored into the cart total.

Min Quantity Fee

  • This section allows you to set a specific fee that applies when the minimum order quantity is not met.
  • Title: Enter a descriptive title for the fee, which will be displayed to customers.
  • Amount: Specify the fee amount as a fixed value or a percentage of the order total.

Additional Notes

  • Remember to disable the “Block checkout” options in the plugin’s general settings if you want orders to proceed even when fees are applied.
  • The plugin also offers options for setting fees for exceeding maximum order amounts, maximum order totals, and other conditions.

By effectively utilizing the “Fees” options, you can add an extra layer of control and potentially influence customer purchasing behavior in your WooCommerce store.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce