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Setting Minimum Quantities for Payment Gateway

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The Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce plugin allows you to establish minimum quantity requirements based on different payment gateways, offering additional control over order requirements within your store. This functionality can be beneficial for:

  • Encouraging specific payment methods: Set higher minimum quantities for payment methods with higher processing fees, potentially encouraging customers to choose more cost-effective options.
  • Managing cash flow: Implement minimum quantities for cash on delivery (COD) to manage potential risks associated with this payment method.
  • Promoting specific payment gateways: Encourage the use of preferred payment methods by setting lower minimum quantities for them compared to others.

Enabling Payment Gateway-Specific Options

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  • Click on the Order Min/Max Amount tab.
  • Find the Payment Gateways sub-tab.

Configuring Minimum Quantities

  • Enable section: Check this box to activate setting minimum quantities based on payment gateways.

Additional Options

  • Payment gateway messages: Enable this option to display separate messages for payment gateway-related minimum quantity requirements in the Messages section.
  • Hide unavailable: Choose to hide unavailable payment gateways based on minimum quantity requirements, ensuring customers only see relevant options.

Advanced Options

  • Priority: This determines the order in which minimum/maximum amounts are applied. Lower priority values are applied first.


  • Setting a minimum quantity to 0 ignores it, and the next level’s amount applies.
  • Setting a negative value (e.g., -1) removes any minimum quantity requirement for that payment gateway.
  • Checkout page notices might not update automatically with payment gateway changes. Consider disabling “Checkout notices” or setting additional message positions as explained in the plugin documentation


  • Save your changes after configuring the settings.
  • You can set specific minimum quantities for various payment gateways based on your requirements.
  • Customize messages displayed to users regarding minimum quantity requirements for a more informative shopping experience.

By effectively utilizing payment gateway-specific minimum quantities, you can tailor your store’s order requirements to different payment options and potentially optimize cash flow management, payment processing strategies, and overall customer experience.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce