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Setting Minimum Quantities by Shipping Method

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The Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce plugin allows you to establish minimum quantity requirements based on various shipping methods and configurations, offering fine-grained control over order requirements within your store. This functionality can be beneficial for:

  • Encouraging larger purchases for specific shipping methods: Set higher minimum quantities for premium or expedited shipping options to incentivize larger orders for these services.
  • Managing inventory effectively: Implement minimum quantities for specific shipping zones based on inventory availability in those regions.
  • Promoting specific shipping methods: Encourage the use of preferred shipping methods by setting lower minimum quantities for them compared to others.

Enabling Shipping-Specific Options

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  • Click on the Order Min/Max Amount tab.
  • Find the Shipping sub-tab.

Configuring Minimum Quantities

  • Enable section: Check this box to activate setting minimum quantities based on shipping methods.
  • Type: Choose the level at which you want to set minimum quantities.
  • Per shipping method: Set minimum quantities for individual shipping methods like “Flat rate” or “Free shipping.”
  • Per shipping instance: Apply minimum quantities to specific instances of a shipping method with different costs or options.
  • Per shipping zone: Set minimum quantities for specific shipping zones you have defined in your WooCommerce settings.

Additional Options

  • Shipping messages: Enable this option to display separate messages for shipping-related minimum quantity requirements in the Messages section.
  • Hide unavailable: Choose to hide unavailable shipping methods based on minimum quantity requirements, ensuring customers only see relevant options.
  • Special cases: This section allows you to address potential issues with non-standard shipping methods.

Advanced Options:

  • Priority: This determines the order in which minimum/maximum amounts are applied. Lower priority values are applied first.


  • Setting a minimum quantity to 0 ignores it, and the next level’s amount applies.
  • Setting a negative value (e.g., -1) removes any minimum quantity requirement for that scenario.
  • While cart page notices update automatically with shipping changes, checkout page notices might require additional configuration (explained in the plugin documentation).


  • Save your changes after configuring the settings.
  • You can set specific minimum quantities for various shipping methods, instances, or zones based on your requirements.
  • Customize messages displayed to users regarding minimum quantity requirements for a more informative shopping experience.

By effectively utilizing shipping-specific minimum quantities, you can tailor your store’s order requirements to different shipping options and potentially optimize inventory management, shipping strategies, and overall customer experience.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce