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Bypassing Order Minimums and Maximums with Coupons

Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce Pro offers a powerful tool for creating a flexible order management system. But what if you want to offer exceptions? The Pro version allows you to configure coupons that bypass minimum and maximum order amount checks.

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Coupon-Based Bypassing:

  • Enable section: Activate this feature to enable coupon-based exceptions to your order limits.

Validation Options:

  • Validate all coupons: Choose whether all applied coupons need to meet the criteria, or if just one qualifying coupon is sufficient.

Specifying Coupons:

  • Require: List specific coupon codes (separated by commas) that, when applied, will bypass minimum and maximum order amount checks.
  • Exclude: Define coupon codes that will not trigger the bypass, even if they are included in the “Require” list. The “Require” list takes precedence.

Exclude All:

  • This option allows you to bypass minimum and maximum checks entirely if any coupon is applied. However, it’s overridden by the “Require” option.

Benefits of Coupon Bypassing:

  • Promote specific products or categories: Offer coupons that waive minimum order limits for purchases that include certain products or categories, encouraging customers to explore a wider selection.
  • Reward loyal customers: Implement coupons that allow loyal customers to bypass minimum order requirements, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Run targeted promotions: Utilize coupons to temporarily remove minimum or maximum order limits during sales or special promotions.

With Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce Pro, you can create a nuanced order management system that adapts to your promotional strategies and customer loyalty programs.