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Fine-Tuning Order Totals with Selective Cart Products

Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce Pro goes a step further than basic cart validation. This Pro feature allows you to calculate the cart total based on specific products or categories included in the customer’s cart.

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This empowers you to create highly targeted pricing strategies and order requirements.

Selective Cart Total Calculation:

  • Enable section: Activate this feature to define how the cart total is calculated based on the cart contents.

Per Product Option:

  • Enable: This setting allows you to apply the selective cart total calculation logic to the “Products,” “Product Categories,” and “Product Tags” sections within this functionality (explained further below).

List Variations:

For stores with variable products, enable this option to include variations in the product lists. These will be added after saving changes.

Specifying Products:

  • Require: List specific product IDs (separated by commas) that will be considered when calculating the cart total. Only these products will contribute to meeting minimum or maximum order amount requirements based on the “General” section settings.
  • Exclude: Define product IDs that will not be factored into the cart total, even if they are included in the “Require” list. The “Require” list takes precedence.

Product Categories and Tags:

You can also leverage product categories and tags to create similar targeted exceptions for calculating the cart total. Simply use the “Require” and “Exclude” options for these sections as well.

Important Note:

The final order total will still be affected by the “Sum” Amount Type Options settings within the “General” section of the plugin. This allows you to combine selective cart total calculation with other minimum or maximum order amount requirements.

Benefits of Selective Cart Total Calculation:

  • Promote product bundles: Encourage customers to purchase entire bundles by ensuring only bundled items contribute to the minimum order amount.
  • Discount specific products: Offer temporary discounts on specific products without affecting the overall cart total for minimum order amount purposes.
  • Reward high-value purchases: Calculate the cart total based on premium products, potentially offering free shipping or other incentives for exceeding a specific threshold.

With Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce Pro, you gain unparalleled control over your order management system, allowing you to craft targeted promotions and pricing strategies that drive sales and enhance the customer experience.


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