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Selective Order Limits with Specific Cart Products

Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce Pro goes beyond basic order limits. It empowers you to create highly targeted restrictions based on the products customers add to their carts.

6th article This functionality allows you to:

  • Promote specific products or categories: Encourage purchases of desired items by waiving minimum order limits when those products are included in the cart.
  • Manage bundled items: Ensure customers purchase all components of a bundle by requiring specific products to be present for the order to proceed.

Cart Product Validation:

  • Enable section: Activate this feature to configure minimum and maximum order limit exceptions based on the cart contents.

Validation Options:

  • Validate all products: Choose whether all products in the cart need to meet the criteria, or if just one qualifying product is sufficient. 
  • List variations: For stores with variable products, enable this option to include variations in the product lists. These will be added after saving changes. 

Specifying Products:

  • Require: List specific product IDs (separated by commas) that, when present in the cart, will bypass minimum and maximum order amount checks.
  • Exclude: Define product IDs that will not trigger the bypass, even if they are included in the “Require” list. The “Require” list takes precedence.

Product Categories and Tags:

You can also leverage product categories and tags to create similar targeted exceptions for minimum and maximum order limits. Simply use the “Require” and “Exclude” options for these sections as well.

Benefits of Selective Cart Product Limits:

  • Increased sales: Motivate customers to add specific products to their carts to qualify for free shipping or lower minimum order requirements.
  • Inventory management: Encourage balanced purchases that align with your stock levels.
  • Improved customer experience: Provide clear communication about order requirements based on the cart contents.

Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce Pro offers a powerful toolset for creating a dynamic order management system that adapts to your product offerings and overall business goals.


Order Minimum/Maximum Limits for WooCommerce