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Order Status Rules Options

The Automated Order Status Controller for WooCommerce offers a range of features designed to simplify order management.

1. Order Status Rules

With the Order Status Rules feature, users can define specific conditions under which order statuses are automatically updated. Whether it’s marking orders as “Processing,” “Completed,” or any other status within WooCommerce, this plugin streamlines the process, saving time and effort.

2. Order Status Rules Enable Plugin

Enabling the Order Status Rules plugin empowers users to automate WooCommerce order statuses seamlessly. This functionality ensures that order management becomes a smooth, hassle-free experience, enhancing overall store efficiency.

3. Total Rules

While the plugin includes a default rule, users can expand their automation capabilities by upgrading to the Order Status Rules for WooCommerce Pro version. This allows for the creation of multiple rules tailored to unique business needs, providing greater flexibility and customization.

4. Reset Settings

For users seeking to revert to default settings or start afresh, the Reset Settings option offers a convenient solution. By simply checking the box and saving changes, users can reset section settings, ensuring a clean slate for further customization or adjustments.

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Automated Order Status Controller for WooCommerce