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Restrict Currency Options for Payment Gateways

This article explains how to restrict the currencies that customers can use with different payment gateways on your online store.

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Why Restrict Currencies?

There are several reasons why you might want to restrict currencies for payment gateways

  • Simplify checkout: By only showing relevant currencies, you can streamline the checkout process for your customers.
  • Reduce complexity: Managing currency conversions and exchange rates can be complex. Restricting currencies can help you avoid these complexities.
  • Payment gateway limitations: Some payment gateways may not support all currencies.

How to Restrict Currencies

The general process typically involves

  • Enabling the restriction feature: Locate the WooCommerce > setting > Payment Gateway Currency > Restrict Currency
  • Choosing a mode: There might be two options:
  • Allowed currencies: Only the selected currencies will be displayed for the payment gateway.
  • Denied currencies: All currencies except the selected ones will be displayed.
  • Setting restrictions: Choose the payment gateway you want to restrict and then select the currencies you want to allow or deny.
  • Saving changes: Once you’ve set your restrictions, be sure to save your changes.


Let’s say you only want to accept payments in US dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) for direct bank transfers and cash on delivery.

Here’s how you might set it up

Direct bank transfer

  • Allowed currencies: USD, EUR
  • Denied currencies: (all other currencies)

Cash on delivery

  • Allowed currencies: USD, EUR
  • Denied currencies: (all other currencies)

Important Note

The provided list of currencies (including United Arab Emirates dirham, Afghan afghani, etc.) is for informational purposes only. The actual currencies available for selection will depend on your e-commerce platform and payment gateway options.


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