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Configuring Payment Gateways per Products

The Payment Gateways per Products plugin for WooCommerce” allows you to assign specific payment gateways to individual products or product categories, enhancing your store’s checkout flexibility. This article delves into the plugin’s settings accessible under WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways per Products > General.

  • Enable/Disable: This toggle switch activates or deactivates the plugin.
  • Ensure it’s enabled for the plugin to function.
  • Sections: These sections allow you to configure payment gateway assignments for.
  • Per Product Categories: Assign gateways to specific product categories.
  • Per Product Tags: Assign gateways to products based on tags.
  • Per Products: Assign gateways to individual products.
  • Advanced Options: This section requires thePayment Gateways per“.
  • Products for WooCommerce Pro plugin to be enabled. It lets you:
    1. Reset Section: This button resets the settings to their defaults within the currently selected section (e.g., Per Product Categories).
    2. Reset Settings: This button resets all plugin settings to their defaults.
      • Choose Fallback Gateway: This option defines the default gateway if none are assigned to a specific product or category.
      • Add Filter: Here, you can choose when to apply the filter for assigning gateways (during plugin initialization or on a specific action).
      • Accessing the Settings

    • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
    • Navigate to WooCommerce Settings > Payment Gateways per Products.
    • You’ll find the configuration options under theGeneral” sub-tab.


    • The free version of the plugin allows assigning gateways to product categories and tags. Assigning to individual products requires the pro version.
    • Always save your changes after making adjustments to the “plugin’s settings”.

    By effectively utilizing the Payment Gateways per Products plugin and its settings, you can provide a more tailored checkout experience for your customers, potentially.

    increase sales, and streamline your store’s payment processing.


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