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Restricting Payment Gateways by Country

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The Payment Gateways per Products for WooCommerce Pro plugin empowers you to control which payment gateways appear for customers based on their billing country. This provides enhanced flexibility and caters to region-specific payment preferences.

Steps to Configure (Requires Pro Version)

Navigate to the Settings

Select the “Remove from Countries” Section

  • Under the Sections tab, choose Remove from Countries.

Choose Countries

  • Select the countries from which you want to remove specific payment gateways. You can choose multiple countries by holding the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) while clicking.

Choose Gateway to Appear

  • From the available options, select the “payment gateway(s)” you want to show to customers in the chosen countries. You can choose multiple gateways by holding the Ctrl or Command key.

Save Changes

  • Click Save Changes” to apply your configurations.

Reset Options

  • Reset Section: This button resets the settings to their defaults within the “Remove from Countries” section.
  • Reset Settings: This button resets all plugin settings to their defaults.

Additional Notes

  • By default, all payment gateways appear in all countries.
  • This feature requires the Payment Gateways per Products for WooCommerce Pro plugin.
  • The provided image showcases the settings for the “Remove from Countries” section with a long list of countries, which may not be completely visible.


  • Improved Customer Experience: Offer relevant payment options based on the customer’s location, enhancing their checkout experience.
  • Compliance: Cater to specific payment regulations or restrictions applicable in different countries.
  • Reduced Fees: Potentially choose payment gateways with lower processing fees for specific locations.

By strategically using the “Remove from Countries” feature, you can create a more tailored and efficient checkout process for your international customers.


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