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Per Products, Tags, and Countries

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Fine-Tuning Payment Options: Per Product Tags, Per Products, and Country Restrictions

This section delves into the advanced functionalities offered by the Pro version of the “Payment Methods by Product & Country for WooCommerce” plugin.

Per Product Tags

  • Enable/Disable: Activate or deactivate the “Per Product Tags” section to manage payment gateways based on the tags assigned to individual products.

Enable Section

Once enabled, you can define payment gateway availability for products with specific tags.

Direct Bank Transfer, Check Payments, Cash on Delivery

  • Include: List the tags (comma-separated) for which you want the respective payment gateway to be available (e.g., “electronics,downloadable”). Leave blank to include the gateway for all tagged products.
  • Exclude: List the tags (comma-separated) for which you want to exclude the respective payment gateway (e.g., “fragile”). Products with these excluded tags will not have that payment option at checkout, even if other tags might include it.


  • You might offer “Cash on Delivery” only for products tagged with “furniture” or “bulky items.”
  • Conversely, you could exclude “Check Payments” for products with the tag “high-value.”

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Per Products

  • Enable/Disable: Activate or deactivate the “Per Products” section for the most granular control over payment gateway availability.

Enable Section and Add Variations

  • Add Variations: This option is relevant for products with variations (e.g., size, color). Enabling it ensures the plugin uses variations instead of the main product for determining payment gateway availability. This allows for more specific control over payment options for each variation.

Direct Bank Transfer, Check Payments, Cash on Delivery

Similar to the “Per Product Tags” section, you can define inclusion and exclusion rules for individual products.

  • Include: Select specific products (by searching for their name or ID) for which you want the respective payment gateway to be available.
  • Exclude: Choose specific products to exclude from using the respective payment gateway.


  • You might restrict “Cash on Delivery” for a specific high-value product (e.g., a diamond ring).
  • Conversely, you could offer a limited-time promotion with “Direct Bank Transfer” as the only option for a particular product.

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Remove from Countries

By default, all payment gateways will appear in all countries for which your store operates.

This option allows you to restrict specific gateways to certain countries

  • Choose Countries: Select the countries where you want to disable the chosen gateways (listed with a red “x”). All other countries will retain the original gateway availability settings.


  • You might disable “Cash on Delivery” for countries where it’s not a common payment method.
  • Alternatively, you could restrict “Check Payments” to a specific region due to local regulations.

Key Takeaways

  • The “Per Product Tags” and “Per Products” sections empower you to create highly customized payment experiences based on product characteristics or individual needs.
  • Utilizing “Remove from Countries” allows you to comply with regional regulations or cater to specific payment preferences in different markets.

By strategically utilizing these functionalities, you can create a dynamic and optimized checkout process that caters to the unique requirements of your products and your global customer base.


Payment Methods by Product & Country for WooCommerce