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Craft Compelling Pop-Up Messages


Customization Options in Pop Up Notices for WooCommerce

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Pop Up Notices by WP Factory empowers you to elevate your WooCommerce store’s customer experience with targeted pop-up notifications. But what if the default WooCommerce messages displayed in these pop-ups don’t quite match your needs? This article delves into the plugin’s Messages Customization settings, equipping you to craft compelling and informative pop-up messages.

Admin Access and Navigation

For admins to access these settings

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on WooCommerce in the sidebar menu.
  • Click on Pop Up Notices.
  • Click on the Messages sub-tab.

Fine-Tuning Pop-Up Message Content

The Messages sub-tab provides granular control over how WooCommerce messages appear within your pop-up notifications. Here’s a breakdown of the key options.

  • Customize Notice messages: This feature allows you to modify the existing WooCommerce message content displayed in pop-ups. You can.
  • Smart Additional Content: Craft additional content specifically for display within your pop-ups. This content remains hidden on the standard WooCommerce notification.
  • Shortcodes: Leverage shortcodes to dynamically insert content or data into your messages. The plugin allows shortcodes within both the original and modified HTML content.
  • You can even use the [ttt_pnwc_get_message] shortcode to dynamically pull messages from any filter you wish.

Additional Considerations

  • Customize Translated Text: While less common, this option allows you to customize the translated text of messages using the gettext filter. However, it’s recommended only if the message you want to modify isn’t getting adjusted elsewhere and doesn’t require HTML formatting, as this method is slower.
  • Total Messages: This section displays the total number of messages you can customize within the Pop Up Notices plugin.

Customizing Individual Messages

For each message you want to modify, you’ll find the following options.

  • Enable: Activate customization for this specific message.
  • Original HTML Content: This displays the original, unedited HTML content of the WooCommerce message.
  • Modified HTML Content: This is where you can edit the message content for display in your pop-up notifications.
  • Additional Content Before/After: These sections allow you to insert additional content strategically before or after the original message within the pop-up.
  • Comparison Method: Choose the comparison method the plugin uses to identify the message you want to customize. Options include “Contains” and “Equality”.
  • Remove: This option allows you to completely remove a message from both the pop-up and the standard WooCommerce notification. Utilize this with caution!

Remember to Save Changes

After customizing your message settings, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button to ensure your adjustments are applied.

Crafting Effective Pop-Up Messages

By effectively utilizing the Messages Customization options in Pop Up Notices, you can transform bland WooCommerce messages into engaging and informative content that enhances your customer experience. Remember to tailor your messages for clarity and value, ultimately driving conversions within your WooCommerce store.


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