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Pop-Up Notices General Options

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Here’s a breakdown of the pro functionalities for Pop-up Notices

General Options

  • Device Targeting: Enable pop-ups on mobile, desktop, or both.
  • AJAX Pop-up: Display pop-ups without page reloads, ideal for error notices during checkout updates.
  • Close Control: Choose if clicking inside or outside the pop-up closes it.
  • Prevent Scrolling (AJAX): Stops scrolling during pop-up display for a smoother experience.
  • Micromodal Loading: Select how the Micromodal library (responsible for pop-up functionality) is loaded (externally or locally).

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Notice Types

  • Granular Control: Enable/disable pop-ups for error, success, and informational notices.
  • Hiding Options: Hide default WooCommerce notices and choose which pop-up types to display (error, success, info).


  • Set Time: Automatically close pop-ups after a specific number of seconds for different notice types (error, success, info).

Restrictive Loading

  • Conditional Loading: Choose specific pages (cart, checkout, my account, shop) or conditions (e.g., is WooCommerce page) to trigger pop-up loading.

Advanced Add to Cart

  • AJAX Support: Enable pop-up notifications even for AJAX add-to-cart actions on product archive pages (where WooCommerce might not display them).
  • Wrapper Options: Choose how to identify the area where the pop-up should be displayed (automatic detection, action hook, or custom selector).
  • Ignore Messages: Specify messages or notices to be excluded from pop-up display.


  • Custom Styling: Style the pop-up using the WordPress customizer.
  • Font Awesome Integration: Include Font Awesome icons for enhanced visuals.
  • Modal Template: Edit the HTML template that controls the pop-up’s appearance.

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Cookie Management

  • Save Messages: Store pop-up messages in browser cookies to prevent repetitive notifications.
  • Expiration Time: Set the duration (in hours) for messages to stay in cookies.
  • Message Origin: Choose which messages to store (static, dynamic, or all).

Audio Notifications

  • Enable Sound: Play audio cues when pop-ups open and close.
  • Sound URLs: Specify sound file locations for opening and closing sounds.


Popup Notices for WooCommerce: Add to Cart, Checkout & More