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Counter & Sender Actions options

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Keeping the Conversation Flowing: Counter Offer and Email Sender Options in Name Your Price for WooCommerce

The “Name Your Price: Make an Offer for WooCommerce” plugin fosters dynamic negotiations between you and your customers. But what if the initial offer doesn’t quite hit the mark? The plugin’s counter offer and email sender options empower you to keep the conversation going!

Crafting a Compelling Counter Offer

  • “Counter” Action Options: This section lets you design the email content you send when proposing a counter offer to a customer’s initial proposal.
  • Default email subject: Define the subject line for counter offer emails. Utilize placeholders like “{site_title}” and “{site_url}” to personalize it.
  • Default email heading: Personalize the heading that appears at the top of the counter offer email.
  • Default email content: Here, you can craft the body of the counter offer email. Include placeholders to dynamically insert details about the offer, product, and your proposed counter price.

Some key placeholders include those from previous sections, with the addition of

  • %add_to_cart_url%: Include a link for the customer to add the product to their cart at your counter offer price (Pro feature).
  • %counter_price%: Show your counter offer price.

Remember: When crafting a counter offer, strike a balance between proposing a price that benefits you and demonstrating that you value the customer’s interest.

Specifying Your Email Identity

  • Email Sender Options: Here, you can define the name and email address that will appear as the sender in all negotiation-related emails sent by the plugin.
  • “From” name: Set the name that will be displayed as the sender in the emails.
  • “From” address: Specify the email address that will be used as the sender in the emails.

Pro Feature Alert!

Similar to the previous section, the ability to include an “add to cart URL” within the counter offer email content is a functionality exclusive to the Pro version of the plugin (link to the Pro version: https://wpfactory.com/item/price-offers-for-woocommerce/).


Name Your Price: Make a Price Offer for WooCommerce