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Fine-Tuning Your Negotiations

The “Name Your Price: Make an Offer for WooCommerce” plugin injects a fun element of negotiation into your online store. But what if you don’t want customers making offers on everything? The plugin’s general options let you tailor the experience to fit your needs.


Product Selection: Cast a Wide Net or Focus on Specific Items

  • Enable for all products: Open the negotiation floor for your entire inventory. Customers can propose prices on any item that tickles their fancy.
  • Enable for selected products only (Pro): This feature requires the Pro version of the plugin. It empowers you to curate which products are eligible for offer submissions. Perfect for highlighting specific items or testing the negotiation waters with a select group.

Refine Your Offer Pool: Exclusions for Streamlined Management

  • Exclude Out of stock: This option prevents customers from submitting offers on products that are currently unavailable. Saves you the hassle of managing negotiations for items you can’t fulfill.
  • Exclude With price: This option keeps products with set prices out of the negotiation loop. Useful if you want to maintain firm pricing for specific items.

Price Range Targeting (Pro): Pro Features for Strategic Negotiations

  • Above price (Pro): This Pro feature lets you restrict offers to products exceeding a set price point. Ideal for high-value items where negotiation might be more common.
  • Below price (Pro): Another Pro feature, this option allows you to target products priced below a certain point. Useful for encouraging deals on specific items or clearing out slow-moving inventory.

Who Gets to Negotiate? Controlling User Visibility

  • All users: This option throws the negotiation door wide open, allowing anyone visiting your store to submit offers, regardless of whether they have an account.
  • Logged-in users only: This option restricts offer submissions to users who have a registered account on your store. Creates a more controlled negotiation environment and potentially encourages account creation.

By strategically utilizing these general options, you can craft a “Name Your Price” experience that perfectly aligns with your business goals. So go forth, negotiate, and watch your sales flourish!


Deep Dive into General Options: Unpacking More Features in Name Your Price for WooCommerce

Our previous article explored the core functionalities of the general options in “Name Your Price for WooCommerce.” But the plugin offers even more ways to refine your negotiation experience.

Let’s delve deeper!

Selected Products Options: Tailoring Negotiations on a Product-by-Product Basis (Pro Feature)

  • This section is ignored unless “Enable for selected products only” is selected for “Products” option above: This serves as a reminder that the “Selected Products Options” features are only accessible if you’re utilizing the Pro version and have chosen to restrict offer functionality to specific products.

Per Product

  • Enable: If activated, this unlocks individual settings for each product within your WooCommerce product edit page (look for the “Product data” meta box). This empowers you to enable or disable offer functionality on a product-by-product basis.

Per Product Category (Pro Feature):

  • Per Product Category: Set options based on category.

Advanced Options

  • Exclude price offers from coupons: This option allows you to decide whether coupons can be applied in conjunction with customer offers. Enabling it prevents customers from stacking discounts through coupons on top of negotiated prices.
  • Send emails in background: This option can improve performance, especially on heavily trafficked stores. By enabling it, emails regarding offers are queued for background processing, preventing delays in your store’s frontend experience.


  • You can see and manage all price offers in the Offers dashboard: This serves as a reminder of where to access and manage all customer-submitted offers within the plugin’s interface.
  • Reset Settings: This button allows you to restore all general options settings to their default state.

Remember: Pro features like “Enable for selected products only” and functionalities related to product categories are exclusive to the paid Pro version of the plugin.

By effectively utilizing these advanced options, you gain granular control over the negotiation experience within your WooCommerce store. Happy negotiating!


Name Your Price: Make a Price Offer for WooCommerce