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Managing Maximum Quantity Per Category

Introduction to Per Category Maximum Quantity Options

For WooCommerce store owners looking to streamline their inventory management, the Min Max Plugin Pro offers a powerful feature: Per Category Maximum Quantity Options. This feature allows setting maximum quantity limits for products on a per-category basis, making it easier to manage bulk purchases and inventory across different categories.

Accessing the Feature

Requirement: Min Max Plugin Pro

To access and utilize this feature, you need the Pro version of the Min Max Plugin. The feature is not available in the free version.

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Navigation Steps

1. Go to Woo-Commerce Settings: Access your Woo-Commerce settings from the WordPress dashboard.

2. Find the ‘Product Quantity’ Section: Within the Woo-Commerce settings, navigate to the ‘Product Quantity’ tab.

3. Select the ‘Maximum Quantity’ Tab: Here, you will find the settings related to maximum quantities, including the per-category options.

 Utilizing the Per Category Maximum Quantity Options

 Setting Up Maximum Quantities

– Adding New Fields to Category Pages: Enabling this feature introduces two new fields in the edit pages of all your product categories.

– Field for Maximum Quantity Per Product: The first field allows you to set a maximum quantity for each product within the category.

– Field for Maximum Quantity in Cart: The second field is used to specify the maximum quantity for all products combined in the cart for that category.

 Practical Application

– Bulk Purchase Management: This feature is particularly useful for stores that sell products in bulk or have limitations on how much of a single category can be purchased at once.

– Inventory Control: It helps in better inventory control by preventing over-purchasing of certain products, especially those with limited stock.

 Editing Category Settings

– Per Category Enable: A meta box will be added to each category edit page, allowing you to enable or disable this feature for specific categories as needed.

 Best Practices

1. Consistent Category Management: Regularly review your category settings to ensure consistency and relevance with your current inventory and sales strategies.

2. Customer Communication: Clearly communicate any maximum quantity restrictions on the product pages to inform customers before they make a purchase decision.

3. Adapt to Business Needs: Be prepared to adjust these settings in response to changes in inventory levels, customer demand, or special promotions.

This feature of the Min Max Plugin Pro for WooCommerce is a valuable tool for store owners who need to manage maximum purchase quantities on a per-category basis. By simplifying the process of setting quantity limits for entire categories, it enhances inventory control and operational efficiency.


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