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Enabling “Sell Below Minimum Quantity” for Low Stock Items

 Introduction to “Sell Below Minimum Quantity” Feature

For WooCommerce store owners using the Min Max Plugin Pro, there’s a valuable feature designed to optimize inventory management, particularly for low-stock scenarios. The “Allow selling below minimum quantity if stock < min” option enables stores to sell remaining stock even if it falls below the previously set minimum quantity. This feature is particularly useful for clearing out the last bits of inventory without violating the standard minimum quantity rules.

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 Accessing and Enabling the Feature

 Prerequisite: Min Max Plugin Pro

To utilize this feature, it’s crucial to note that you need the Pro version of the Min Max Plugin. This feature is not available in the free version.

 Steps to Enable

1. Navigate to the Product Edit Page: Within your WooCommerce dashboard, go to the specific product page where you want to apply this setting.

2. Locate the Minimum Quantity Box: In the product’s edit page, find the section where the minimum quantity is set.

3. Enable the Checkbox: You will find a new checkbox labeled “Allow selling below minimum quantity if stock < min.” Enable this checkbox to activate the feature for that particular product.

 Understanding the Feature’s Functionality

 Use Cases

– Clearing Low Stock: When a product’s stock level falls below the set minimum quantity, this feature allows you to continue selling the product, enabling customers to purchase the remaining stock even if it’s less than the minimum quantity usually required.

 Configuring for Specific Products

– Per-Product Basis: This feature can be enabled or disabled on a per-product basis, providing flexibility and control over which products can be sold below the minimum quantity when the stock is low.

 Importance for Inventory Management

– Optimizing Stock Clearance: This feature is particularly beneficial for managing end-of-line or clearance products, ensuring that all inventory can be sold, even in small quantities.

– Adapting to Customer Demand: It allows store owners to be more responsive to customer needs and demands, especially when dealing with limited stock situations.

 Best Practices

1. Regular Monitoring: Regularly monitor your stock levels to identify which products can benefit from this feature.

2. Clear Communication: Update your product descriptions or add notices to inform customers that they can purchase these products in quantities less than the usual minimum when stock is low.

3. Price Consideration: Ensure pricing remains fair and consistent, even when selling below the minimum quantity.

By enabling the “Allow selling below minimum quantity if stock < min” feature in the Min Max Plugin Pro, WooCommerce store owners can enhance their inventory management, especially in situations where stock levels are critically low. This feature adds flexibility and responsiveness to store operations, allowing for effective clearance of low-stock items.


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