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How to Restrict Customers to a Single Product Purchase

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In some cases, store owners using WooCommerce may want to restrict customers to purchase only one unit of a product at a time. This feature can be useful for exclusive items, limited edition products, or to manage stock effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Access Product Quantity Settings

Within the Woo-Commerce settings, locate and click on the ‘Product Quantity’ tab. 

2. Adjust General Quantity Settings

   Under the ‘Product Quantity’ tab, find the ‘General’ sub-tab.

   Click on it to access the general quantity options.

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3. Enable Single Product Purchase Feature

   Look for the ‘Product Quantity Option’ within the General settings.

   Enable this option to activate the plugin feature that restricts the product quantity to one by default.

4. Set Minimum Quantity (If Needed)

   If you decide to allow more than one unit of a product to be purchased, navigate to the ‘Minimum Quantity’ tab.

   Here, specify the minimum quantity allowed for purchase.

   You can set this to ‘1’ to maintain the single purchase restriction or increase it as per your requirements.

6. Save Your Settings


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