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Managing Allowed Quantity Options


In WooCommerce, the Allowed Quantity Options feature provides store owners with the capability to set specific fixed quantities for their products. This function is essential for controlling the purchase quantities of products, either by setting certain quantities as allowed or disallowed. Crucially, these settings override any existing minimum, maximum, or step quantity settings on a site-wide basis, but only for the products that have this particular field defined. This guide will help you to effectively set up and manage the Allowed Quantity Options for your WooCommerce store, ensuring that you maintain control over product quantities at both cart and individual product levels.

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Step 1: Access the Fixed Quantity Tab

1. Navigate to your Woo-Commerce dashboard and select Settings”.

Step 2: Navigate to Allowed Quantity Options

1. Inside the Woo-Commerce settings, click on theProducts tab.

2. Find and select the Fixed Quantity sub-tab, which is dedicated to managing Allowed Quantity Options.

Step 3: Enable Allowed Quantity Options

1. Look for the option to “Enable Allowed Quantity Options” within the “Fixed Quantity” tab, and activate it.

Step 4: Define Allowed Quantities

1. Specify the fixed quantities that are permitted for purchase. Enter specific numbers that customers are allowed to select (e.g., 5, 10, 20).

2. If necessary, specify any quantities that you wish to disallow.

Step 5: Override Site-wide Quantity Settings

1. Be aware that these specific settings will take precedence over any general minimum, maximum, or step quantity settings you have set up for your site.

2. Make sure that the quantities you establish here are consistent with your overall product and inventory strategy.

Step 6: Apply Settings to Products

1. Apply these allowed quantity settings to individual products or categories as required.

2. This feature operates under the same logical framework as the minimum/maximum quantity settings, ensuring a uniform approach across your store.

Step 7: Save and Test


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