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Min Max Default Quantity

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Introducing the Shortcode Quartet

This plugin provides four shortcodes that work together to define minimum, maximum, and default purchase quantities for your products, along with the option to set a unit price for quantities.

  • [alg_wc_pq_min_product_qty]: This shortcode dictates the minimum number of units a customer can add to their cart for a specific product.
  • [alg_wc_pq_max_product_qty]: Set a limit on how many units a customer can purchase for a particular product using this shortcode.
  • [alg_wc_pq_product_qty_price_unit]: Enable per-unit pricing by incorporating this shortcode. This allows you to display the price based on the quantity purchased (e.g., $5/item for quantities below 10, then $4/item for quantities of 10 or more).
  • [alg_wc_pq_product_qty_step]: Define the increments (e.g., steps of 1, 5, or 10) in which customers can adjust the quantity they wish to purchase.

Benefits of Using These Shortcodes

Here’s how these shortcodes can optimize your WooCommerce store

  • Prevent Overstocking: Establish a minimum purchase quantity to avoid situations where you end up selling products at a loss due to fulfillment costs.
  • Control Inventory Levels: Set maximum purchase quantities to prevent stockouts on popular products.
  • Encourage Bulk Buying: Incorporate per-unit pricing using [alg_wc_pq_product_qty_price_unit] to incentivize customers to purchase larger quantities.
  • Streamline the Buying Process: Predefined increments through [alg_wc_pq_product_qty_step] make it easier for customers to select the desired quantity.

Using the Shortcodes

To leverage these shortcodes, you’ll need to configure the “Min Max Default Quantity for WooCommerce” plugin. Within the plugin’s settings, you can define the default minimum, maximum, and step values for your products. Additionally, you can assign specific quantities and pricing structures to individual products using the shortcodes directly in your product page templates.

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Min Max Default Quantity for WooCommerce