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Custom tabs All products, Per Products, and and Variations


Custom Product Tabs Pro: Pro Features for Enhanced Product Pages

This guide focuses solely on the functionalities exclusive to the Custom Product Tabs Pro plugin for WooCommerce.

Global Tabs: Streamline Essential Information Across Your Store

  • Create standardized tabs that appear on all your products. This is perfect for consistent communication of warranties, size charts, return policies, or any other details relevant to your entire product range.

Targeted Tabs with Category/Tag Controls

  • Go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach! Assign specific tabs to product categories or tags.
  • For example, you could create “Care Instructions” tabs for clothing or “Assembly Guides” for furniture, providing relevant information based on product type.

Effortless Organization with Tab Ordering

  • Take control of the order in which your tabs appear. This allows you to prioritize the most crucial information for optimal customer understanding. You can manage the sequence of both your saved and default tabs (Description, Reviews, etc.)

Bulk Edit Efficiency for Assigning Saved Tabs

  • Save time when assigning saved tabs to a large number of products. The pro version integrates with WooCommerce’s bulk edit screen, allowing you to streamline the process and assign tabs to multiple products simultaneously.

Enhanced Search with Integrated Content

  • Make your custom tab content discoverable! The pro version integrates your tab information with the overall WordPress site search. This empowers customers to find the details they need using familiar search functionality.

Premium Support for Peace of Mind

  • Gain access to priority support directly from your WordPress dashboard. This pro feature ensures you receive timely assistance from the plugin developers should you encounter any questions or roadblocks.

Advanced Styling: Take Control of the Visual Appeal (Pro Only)

  • Craft a visually cohesive product page experience. This pro feature allows you to customize the look and feel of your tabs with icons, background images, and text colors that perfectly complement your store’s design.

Beyond these highlighted features, the pro version offers additional functionalities for managing custom tabs on a per-product basis and automatically generating variation tabs for variable products.

By leveraging the capabilities of Custom Product Tabs Pro, you can create a more informative and user-friendly product page experience, potentially boosting sales by providing customers with the crucial details they need to make confident purchasing decisions.


Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce