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WooCommerce Product XML Feeds – Configuring Feed #1



  • Use the toggle switch to enable or disable Feed #1.

Admin Title

  • Assign a descriptive title for internal reference (e.g., “Main Product Feed”).

Template Options

  • XML header: Insert the desired XML header code here. Refer to the plugin’s documentation for details on available shortcodes.
  • XML item: Define the structure of each product entry using shortcodes. Visit the plugin’s documentation for a comprehensive list of shortcodes.
  • Variation XML item (optional): If “Variable products” are set to “Both variable and variations products,” configure the template for variations using shortcodes (refer to documentation).
  • XML footer: Add the desired XML footer code here.

Hide XML Tags if Empty (optional)

  • Specify comma-separated tags (e.g., “product, stock”) to exclude from the output if they have no value.

Create Text Feed (optional)

  • Enable this option to generate a text file alongside the XML feed.
  • Text item: Define the structure of each product entry in the text file using shortcodes (refer to documentation).

General Options

  • XML file path and name: Set the desired URL or path for the generated XML file (e.g., “https://abc.xml“).
  • Text file path and name (if text feed enabled): Set the desired URL or path for the generated text file (e.g., “https://abc.txt“).
  • Use Site Address (HOME_URL): Enable this to use your site’s address in file paths.

Update Period

  • Choose the frequency of feed updates:
    • Every minute
    • Hourly
    • Twice daily
    • Daily
    • Weekly


  • Alternatively, you can set a custom update schedule (days until the next update).

Manual Cron Job Command (advanced users)

  • This section provides the command for generating the feed using a cron job.

Turn off WP Schedule

  • Enable this option to disable WordPress’s built-in scheduling for this feed.

General Options

  • Sorting: Select the sort order (ascending or descending) for products by:
    • Product ID
    • Title
    • Slug
    • Date
    • Last modified date
    • Number of comments
    • Author
    • Random