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Products XML Feeds Options

The WooCommerce Product XML Feeds plugin empowers you to effortlessly create and manage product data feeds for various platforms. But to truly unleash its potential, understanding the plugin’s configuration options is key. This article delves into the functionalities offered by the “Product XML Feeds Options” section.

product xml


Getting Started: Activation and File Count

  1. Enable Plugin: To activate the plugin, simply check the box next to “Product XML Feeds for WooCommerce.”
  2. Total XML files (feeds): This option allows you to specify the number of independent product data feeds you wish to generate. Each feed can be customized for different purposes.

Saving Your Configuration

Once you’ve made your selections, click “Save changes” to ensure the plugin reflects your preferences.

Advanced Options for Enhanced Control

The “Advanced Options” section provides fine-grained control over the feed generation process.

  1. Block size for products query: This setting determines the number of products retrieved from your store in one go. It’s recommended to keep this value low for larger stores to avoid exceeding server limitations.
  2. PHP memory limit (megabytes): Specify the maximum amount of memory (in megabytes) the plugin can utilize during feed generation.
  3. PHP time limit: Set the maximum execution time (in seconds) for the feed creation process. Refer to the set_time_limit() function documentation for more details.

Understanding “Raw” Input

  1. Enable “Raw” input: This option influences how the plugin interprets template code. When enabled, it treats curly braces ({ }) literally within the templates. If disabled, curly braces are converted to angle brackets (< >) for proper XML formatting.

Facilitating Large Stores: Ajax Features

For stores with a vast product catalog, the plugin offers Ajax-powered functionalities to optimize performance.

  1. Enable Ajax load filtering option: This setting utilizes Ajax technology to load product filtering options dynamically, streamlining the process for extensive product lists.
  2. Enable Ajax feed creation: This option allows feed generation to occur without a full page refresh, enhancing efficiency for larger stores.

By effectively utilizing these options, you can tailor the WooCommerce Product XML Feeds plugin to your specific needs and ensure the seamless creation and management of accurate product data feeds, ultimately expanding your reach across various platforms.


Product XML Feeds for WooCommerce