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Pro version and Free versions


Free Version

Pro Version

Product Per Page Selection



Number of Positions

Limited (e.g., Before/After Shop Loop)

More options (e.g., Before Main Content, Pagination)

Customizable Positions


Yes (e.g., Widget for sidebars)

Template Customization

Limited (Basic HTML/CSS)

More control over appearance (e.g., Placeholders, Custom CSS)

Select Options

Basic (e.g., Set number of products)

More options (e.g., “All Products” option)

Default Option

Limited (May offer pre-selected number)

More control (Choose any number from options)

User Selection Persistence

No (Selection resets on page refresh)

Options for saving user preference (e.g., Cookies, Sessions)


Limited or community-based

Dedicated support from the plugin developer


Products per Page for WooCommerce