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Advanced Options within Related Categories

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The Related Categories for WooCommerce plugin offers a handful of advanced settings to fine-tune its behavior and optimize performance.

Multilingual Support

If your WooCommerce store caters to a global audience, you’ll appreciate the plugin’s compatibility with popular multilingual plugins.

  • WPML: Enable this option if you’re using the WPML plugin for managing multiple languages on your website. Related category labels and other text will adapt to the user’s preferred language.
  • Polylang: Similar to WPML, activate this option if you utilize the Polylang plugin for multilingual functionality. Related category content will adjust accordingly.

Transients (Performance Optimization)

  • Enable: Checking this box instructs the plugin to leverage WordPress’s transient API for caching related category data. This can improve performance by reducing the need for repetitive database queries, especially on high-traffic websites.
  • Transient expiration: This setting defines how long the cached data (transients) will be stored before being refreshed. The default behavior is to refresh transients every 12 hours. You can adjust this value based on your website’s needs and update frequency.

Reset Settings

  • Reset section settings: Clicking this checkbox and saving your changes will reset all the options within the “Advanced Options” section to their default values.

Pro Version Link

For access to the advanced customization options mentioned above, you can upgrade to the Pro version of the Related Categories for WooCommerce plugin: https://wpfactory.com/item/related-categories-for-woocommerce/


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