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Clean Up and Organize Your WordPress URLs

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Slugs Manager is a valuable plugin for WordPress users who want to maintain a clean and efficient website. This plugin tackles the issue of old permalinks (post URLs) that accumulate over time when you change post titles or URLs. These old permalinks can clutter your database, potentially slowing down your website and hindering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Key Features of Slugs Manager

Old Slugs Removal

    • Identify and remove unused permalinks that clutter your database.
    • Improve database efficiency for better website performance.
    • Maintain SEO value by ensuring proper redirects for old permalinks, and avoiding broken links.

Automatic Clean-Up Options (Pro Version)


    • Schedule automatic removal of old permalinks at various intervals (every minute, hourly, daily, etc.).
    • Set old permalinks to be cleared automatically whenever a post is saved.

Regenerate Slugs (Pro Version)


    • Standardize your URL structure by regenerating slugs (the part of the URL after the domain name) based on current post titles.
    • This feature is particularly useful after significant content overhauls, rebranding, or SEO optimization efforts.
    • You can choose to regenerate slugs for posts, pages, attachments, or products.

Extra Tools

    • Flush rewrite rules: This option removes and recreates rewrite rules, which are instructions that tell WordPress how to display your content with permalinks. Use this function with caution, as it might affect your website’s navigation temporarily.

Important Note

Automatic Clean-Up options and the Regenerate Slugs feature require the Slugs Manager Pro version.


Slugs Manager: Delete Old Permalinks from WordPress Database