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Slugs Manager: Clean Up Your WordPress Permalinks

Slugs Manager helps you keep your WordPress website’s permalinks (URLs) clean and organized.

Here’s a breakdown of its features

Automatic Clean Ups (Pro Feature)

  • Upgrade to Slugs Manager Pro to unlock automatic cleaning of old slugs.

Schedule automatic cleanups to run at various intervals

  • Every minute (for very busy sites)
  • Hourly
  • Twice daily
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Choose the option that best suits your website’s traffic and update frequency

Clean Up on Save Post (Pro Feature)

  • With Slugs Manager Pro, you can automatically remove old slugs whenever a post is saved.
  • This helps prevent clutter from accumulating in the first place.
  • Simply toggle the switch to “Yes” to enable this feature.

Regenerate Slugs (Pro Feature)

  • This powerful tool (available in Pro only) lets you regenerate slugs for all your posts, pages, attachments, or products.
  • Select the content type you want to regenerate slugs for (post, page, attachment, or product).
  • This can be helpful if you want to ensure all your slugs are consistent or follow a specific format.

Extra Tools

  • Flush Rewrite Rules: Use this tool to clear and regenerate your website’s rewrite rules. This might be necessary after making changes to your permalink structure.


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