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Stock Triggers Options Explained

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This functionality overview dives into the settings offered by the Stock & Inventory Updates Triggers for the WooCommerce plugin.

Stock Triggers

This is the core functionality of the plugin, allowing you to automate stock adjustments based on specific events.

  • Enable Plugin: This activates the plugin’s features.

Stock Adjustments

The plugin offers two options for stock adjustments

  • Decrease Stock: This lowers the stock level of a product when a trigger event occurs.
  • Enable Section: Enables this functionality.
  • Triggers: Select the events (e.g., order completion, payment received) that will trigger a stock decrease. 
  • Note: The free version only allows selecting pre-defined triggers.
  • Increase Stock: This increases the stock level of a product, but only if it was previously decreased using the plugin.
  • Enable Section: Enables this functionality.
  • Triggers: Similar to Decrease Stock, choose the events that will trigger a stock increase. 
  • Note: The free version has limitations on trigger selection.

Additional Options

  • Remove Standard Triggers (Decrease/Increase): Disables WooCommerce’s default stock adjustment triggers, allowing you to rely solely on the plugin’s triggers.
  • Advanced: Force Order Stock Update: Enables an option to potentially resolve issues with stock not updating correctly.
  • Require Products/Categories: Lets you define specific products or product categories that will be affected by the stock triggers (not available in the free version).

Custom Triggers (Pro Version)

The free version has limitations regarding triggers. Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks features like

  • Custom Order Statuses: Allows adding custom order statuses (created within WooCommerce) as triggers.
  • Custom Triggers: Enables defining triggers based on specific WooCommerce actions (requires technical knowledge).

Reset Settings

This button resets all plugin settings to their defaults

By understanding these options, you can configure the Stock & Inventory Updates Triggers for the WooCommerce plugin to automate your stock management and streamline your WooCommerce store operations.


Stock & Inventory Updates Triggers for WooCommerce