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Increase Stock Inventory & Required Products

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Replenish Your Inventory with Stock Triggers Pro for WooCommerce

Keeping your WooCommerce store stocked with in-demand products is essential for customer satisfaction. Stock Triggers Pro offers a robust solution to automate stock increases based on specific events, ensuring your inventory remains readily available.

Enabling Stock Replenishment

Activate the Stock Triggers Pro plugin and access the dedicated section for configuring stock increase triggers.

Triggering Stock Increases

Stock Triggers Pro lets you define specific events that trigger an increase in stock levels. Just like a stock decrease, the increase will only occur once, on the first relevant trigger.

Available Triggers

  • Checkout order processed: Stock increases when an order is placed (useful for pre-orders or backorders).
  • Order Status: Choose from various order statuses to trigger stock replenishment, including Completed (for returned items), Cancelled (for orders with refunded items), Draft, Failed (for potential restocks), On Hold (for returned/canceled items with restock option), Pending payment (for potential returns/cancellations), and Processing (for situations where stock needs to be available again). 
  • (Note: We recommend disabling Cancelled and Pending payment for automatic stock increase as these might not always signify actual returns).
  • Payment complete: Stock increases when payment is confirmed (useful for pre-paid backorders).
  • Custom Triggers: For advanced users, you can define custom triggers using code snippets.
  • Remove Standard Triggers: This option allows you to disable the default WooCommerce “Increase Stock” triggers if they conflict with your configurations.

Advanced Options

  • Force order stock update: Enable this if you encounter issues with stock not updating automatically after order changes.
  • Require Specific Products: Refine stock increase by requiring it only for specific products (e.g., “Laptop”).
  • Require Specific Product Categories: Alternatively, you can target stock replenishment based on product categories (e.g., exclude “Uncategorized”).
  • Reset Settings: This allows you to easily reset all settings within the “Increase Stock” section to default.

Benefits of Stock Triggers Pro for Stock Replenishment

  • Automated Inventory Management: Saves you time and effort by automatically adjusting stock levels based on returns, cancellations, or backorders.
  • Improved Efficiency: Ensures your inventory reflects available stock and avoids overselling.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Allows you to fulfill backorders and process returns efficiently, leading to satisfied customers.
  • Flexibility: Customize stock increase triggers to match your specific store workflows.

By leveraging Stock Triggers Pro for stock replenishment, you can streamline your WooCommerce inventory management and ensure your store is always prepared to meet customer demands.


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