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Troubleshooting Plugin Activation Issues with Cart Notices in Min Max Plugin for WooCommerce


The Min Max Plugin for WooCommerce offers a valuable feature called “Cart Notices” which plays a critical role in managing customer interactions and ensuring smooth transactions. This feature is particularly useful for displaying error or notification messages in the shopping cart when users add products with incorrect quantities. If you are experiencing issues with plugin activation or functionality, it’s essential to check your plugin configuration, specifically the Cart Notices setting.

 Ensuring Proper Configuration

 Step 1: Accessing General Settings

To verify and modify the plugin settings, navigate to the General tab of the Min Max Plugin settings in your WooCommerce dashboard. This is where most of the primary configurations are managed.

 Step 2: Enabling Cart Notices

Within the General settings, locate the “Cart Notices” option. Make sure that this feature is enabled. Enabling Cart Notices is crucial for it to function correctly and display the necessary messages to the users.

 Step 3: Understanding Cart Notices

The Cart Notices feature is designed to alert customers when there is a discrepancy in the quantities they have added to their cart. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as adding quantities below the minimum required, exceeding the maximum limit, or not adhering to the set quantity increments.

 What Happens When Cart Notices Are Enabled?

When Cart Notices are enabled, and a customer adds a product to the cart with a quantity that does not meet the store’s set requirements, the plugin will automatically display an error or notification message. This message is designed to guide the customer in correcting their quantity selection before proceeding to checkout.

 Example Scenario

Imagine a customer attempts to purchase 5 units of a product, but your store policy requires a minimum of 10 units for that particular product. If Cart Notices are enabled, the customer will see a message like, “The minimum quantity for this product is 10. Please adjust your cart quantities accordingly.”

 Importance of Cart Notices

  1. Error Prevention: It helps in preventing checkout errors by ensuring customers adhere to quantity rules set by the store.
  2. User Guidance: It provides immediate feedback to customers, guiding them to make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: By preventing confusion at checkout, it contributes to a smoother, more user-friendly shopping experience.
  4. Operational Efficiency: It reduces the burden on customer support by addressing quantity-related queries proactively.


If you’re encountering issues with the activation or operation of the Min Max Plugin, it’s recommended to check if the Cart Notices feature is enabled. This feature is a vital tool for managing customer interactions and ensuring compliance with your store’s quantity regulations. By enabling and configuring Cart Notices, you enhance the shopping experience, reduce the likelihood of errors, and improve overall operational efficiency.