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Coupons & Add to Cart by URL for WooCommerce Pro functionalities

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The pro version of this plugin unlocks additional features beyond the free version.

Here’s a breakdown of what the pro functionalities offer

Advanced Functionalities

  • Save on empty cart: Enable this to save coupons even when the cart is empty. Coupons will be reapplied when a product is added back to the cart.
  • Remove “add to cart” key: This removes the “add to cart” key when using the “Redirect URL > No redirect” option.
  • Force coupon redirect: Force a coupon redirect to happen after the “add to cart” action.
  • WP Rocket: Disable empty cart caching: If you have the “WP Rocket” plugin installed and experience issues with an empty cart after applying a URL coupon and adding a product, check this box.
  • Payment request buttons: Apply coupons on single product pages: Compatible with;

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway

WooCommerce Payments

  • Javascript reload: Reloads the page using Javascript when a coupon is detected from the URL. Enable this if the coupon isn’t being applied without products in the cart. Make sure “Data storage type” is set to “Cookie” for the “alg_wc_url_coupons” cookie to be created.

Other Settings

  • Main hook: The main hook used to detect and handle the coupon via URL. Options include: WP Loaded, Init, WP Loaded.
  • Hook priority, Data management: These are advanced user settings and typically don’t require changes.
  • Data storage type: Choose how data from the plugin is stored/retrieved. Options include: Session, Cookie
  • Extra cookie: This sets the “alg_wc_url_coupons” cookie when a URL coupon has been applied.
  • Cookie expiration: Sets the expiration time (in seconds) for the cookie.


Coupons & Add to Cart by URL for WooCommerce