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Troubleshooting Specific Issues

Coupon Not Applying

  • Coupon Code: Verify that the coupon code in the URL is valid and active.
  • Coupon Restrictions: Ensure the coupon isn’t restricted to specific products, categories, or user roles that don’t apply to the customer.
  • Empty Cart: If “Save on empty cart” is disabled, the coupon won’t be saved when the cart is empty.
  • JavaScript Reload: If using the “Save on empty cart” feature and the coupon isn’t applying initially, enable “Javascript reload.”

Incorrect Redirection

  • Redirect Settings: Review your redirection settings in the plugin configuration. Ensure the desired URL is selected.
  • Conflicting Plugins: Deactivate other plugins to rule out conflicts affecting redirection.

WP Rocket Cache Issues

  • Compatibility Option: If you use WP Rocket, enable the “WP Rocket: Disable empty cart caching” option in the plugin settings.


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