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How to Add Wishlist Button to Shop and Archive Pages in WooCommerce

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Adding a wishlist button to your WooCommerce shop and archive pages allows customers to easily mark items for later viewing, enhancing their shopping experience. Here’s how you can add this feature through the WooCommerce settings.

StepbyStep Guide:

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Step 1: Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard

  • Begin by signing into your site’s backend to access the dashboard.

Step 2: Access WooCommerce Settings

  •  In the dashboard, click on ‘WooCommerce’ and select ‘Settings’ from the expanded menu.

 Step 3: Locate Wishlist Settings:

  •  At the top of the WooCommerce settings page, find and click on the Wishlist tab.

 Step 4: Navigate to the Button Settings:

  •  Within the Wishlist settings, click on the ‘Buttons’ tab where you’ll find various button configuration options.

 Step 5: Configure the Product Loop Settings:

  •  Scroll down to the section labeled ‘Default button  Loop’.
  •  Here, you can enable the wishlist button for shop and archive pages by checking the ‘Enable button on product loop’ option.

 Step 6: Choose the Button’s Position:

  •  Set the position of the wishlist button by selecting an option from the ‘Hook priority’ dropdown menu. You can choose to display it after the add to cart button or in other positions based on your page layout.

 Step 7: Save Your Changes:

  • After setting the button’s position, click on the ‘Save changes’ button to apply your updates.
  • Blog Addition
  • In a blog post, you could add:“In your WooCommerce settings under the Wishlist tab, you’ll find the Button settings. This is where you can activate the wishlist button for your shop and archive pages. By enabling the button in the Product Loop settings, you give your customers a convenient way to mark products they love and want to return to, directly from the main shopping pages.”


Wishlist for WooCommerce