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How to Customize Text in Wishlist Plugin

Personalizing Your Wishlist Messaging

Your Wishlist’s text plays a vital role in communicating with your customers. Personalized text can enhance user experience, reflect your brand’s voice, and guide users through their Wishlist journey.

Customizing Your Wishlist Text Options

 Step 1: Setting Up Wishlist Directions  

Guiding Your Customers 

Define the text prompts such as “See your wishlist” or “Add to Wishlist” to help customers navigate their Wishlist with ease and clarity.

Step 2: Customizing Notification Messages  

Creating a Responsive Experience 

Craft custom messages for actions like adding or removing items from the Wishlist, ensuring customers receive clear and immediate feedback.

Step 3: Handling Errors with Care  

 Instilling Confidence with Error Handling 

Compose thoughtful messages for error notifications that reassure customers and encourage them to try their actions again.

 Step 4: Encouraging Wishlist Sharing  

 Promoting Social Engagement 

Optimize the sharing experience with customized text for social sharing prompts and email sharing options, making it easy and enticing for customers to share their Wishlist.

Step 5: Finalizing Your Text Settings  

Sealing the Conversational Tone 

After tailoring each textual element, click ‘Save changes’ to implement your new personalized communication style within the Wishlist.


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