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Popup Notifications in Wishlist Plugin

Captivating Customers with Real-Time Updates

Popup notifications serve as a dynamic way to communicate with your customers, providing them with timely updates and driving engagement directly from their Wishlist activities.

Setting Up Popup Notifications

Step 1: Activating Popup Notifications

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Elevating the Desktop Experience

Turn on popup notifications for desktop users, offering them immediate updates as they interact with their Wishlist, keeping them informed and engaged with every addition.

Mobile Notification Settings

Opt for mobile popup notifications to tap into the vast mobile user base, ensuring that shoppers receive the same level of interaction, no matter the device.

Step 3: Wishlist Link Visibility

Seamless Navigation to Wishlist Fulfillment

Enable the Wishlist link display post-item addition, granting customers an effortless route back to their Wishlist, and encouraging further exploration and potential purchases.

Step 4: Simplifying Popup Interactions

Streamlining Customer Choices

Incorporate an OK button within popups to provide a straightforward method for customers to close notifications and continue their shopping journey uninterrupted.

Step 5: Saving and Implementing Changes

Locking in the Wishlist Popup Strategy

After fine-tuning the settings to suit your store’s approach, click ‘Save changes’ to implement your new interactive popup notification system.


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