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How to Manage Font Awesome Icons in Wishlist Plugin


Font Awesome icons are a popular way to incorporate scalable vector icons into your WooCommerce website. These icons can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal and user interface of your online store. Here’s how to manage the activation and deactivation of Font Awesome icons within your WooCommerce settings.

Enabling Font Awesome Icons

Step-by-Step Activation Guide

1. Access Woo-Commerce Settings

  •   Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  •  Click on ‘Woo-Commerce‘, then select ‘Settings‘.
  •  Select General Tab

2. Navigate to the Wishlist Tab

  • Find and click on the ‘Wishlist‘ tab at the top of the settings screen.



image6 1


3. Locate Font Awesome Settings

  • Scroll down to the ‘Font Awesome‘ section within the Wishlist settings.

4. Activate Font Awesome

  • Check the box next to ‘Load Font Awesome‘ to enable the icons.
  • The ‘Font Awesome URL‘ should already be populated with the latest version, but you can update this if necessary by pasting the link to a different version.

5. Save Your Changes

  • Click the ‘Save changes‘ button to apply the new settings.

 Deactivating Font Awesome Icons

If you decide that you no longer need the Font Awesome library, or if it’s already being loaded by another theme or plugin, you can disable it to avoid conflicts or to optimize loading times.

Step-by-Step Deactivation Guide

1. Access the Wishlist Settings

  • Follow the same steps as above to get to the ‘Wishlist‘ settings in Woo-Commerce.

2. Deactivate Font Awesome

  • Uncheck the box next to ‘Load Font Awesome‘.

3. Save Your Changes

  • Click on ‘Save changes‘ to update your settings.

Things to Consider

  • Multiple Loads: Ensure that Font Awesome isn’t being loaded by multiple plugins or themes as this can lead to conflicts and longer page loading times.
  • Version Control: Always use the latest version of Font Awesome to ensure compatibility and access to the newest icons.
  • Customization: Remember that any customizations made using Font Awesome icons will be affected if you disable the library.
  • Fallbacks: Have fallbacks in place in case the Font Awesome library fails to load, ensuring your site’s user interface remains functional.


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